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Frequently asked questions

How much powder should I have per day?

We usually encourage a teaspoon (~4 grams) for a serving of our powder for daily use. This equates to ~85mg ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) per serving.

For most adults, the daily recommended amount of Vitamin C is between 65 - 90mg per day. While you can have much higher than that per day, high ongoing volumes of Vitamin C can be harmful.

We also offer our powder in capsuled format for those who are looking for a 'ready' to go product.

Consult a medical professional if in doubt about your personal nutritional requirements.

While the numbers on this Healthline blog are not accurate to the high values of our product, it gives a great overview of Kakadu Plum in servings.

Is Kakadu Plum safe to give to my pet?

Short answer: no.

Long answer: animals require different nutritional intake compared to humans. For example, dogs generate a significant amount of Vitamin C from their regular diet. While it is possible that some pets would benefit from a supplement in their diet, that is at a greatly reduced dose than what a human would consume.

If your vet recommends that your pet does require a Vitamin C supplement in their diet, consult with them about the appropriate dosage amount. Always consult an experienced professional on these matters, as too high Vitamin C levels in many animals will cause ongoing health issues.

Right now, we only craft our products for human and do not test or involve animals in our production processes in any format.

Do you do other Kakadu Plum products other than powder?

Absolutely we do! And we're always looking for new ways to expand our product range.

If you have a great idea, suggestion, or would like to see about a potential business venture partnership, please use the form to contact us!

We offer the raw fruit, powder, juice, and leaves. We also mill the seed as a separate powder, as well as special cosmetic mixes.

Please note that some of these products are not currently available internationally due to organic requirements.

We also do not supply any trees, seedlings or means of growing the Kakadu Plum trees, only the products of the plant.

Does the powder have an expiry date?

It does, but the great thing is its a massively naturally long shelf life!

Our powders lasts for four years on best before. While it can be consumed after this date, the nutritional benefits start to degrade slowly.

Fruits and juice are frozen as required to extended shelf-life, but general rule is a shelf life of two years.

Kakadu Plum has been used in Indigenous communties to improve expiry dates in products and has been used in seafood to keeping fresh produce to last longer on shelves as well.