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Contact sales@kakadulife.com to find out more information about our wholesale arrangements and the benefits of adding our products to your business.

Some of our products include:
  • Edible powder - great for smoothies, blends, supplements and cooking
  • Cosmestic powder - great for skincare, creams, moisturisers and gels
  • Juice - great for a liquid mixer and taste enhancer for food and drinks
  • Fruit - great for cooking, colour and mild flavour enhancers in dishes

We offer even more than listed here, so if you are interested in what products we can offer to complement your business ventures and communities then please get in touch.

Supplying all over the globe, we welcome bringing Kakadu Plum beyond the Australian shores. Our current clients come from all over the world, from industries beyond food and cosmetics - including pet food, sunscreens, tea, pre-workout blends, and protein bars!

It's always great to hear new people, and you'd be amazed at how versatile this fruit is in so many markets. A superfood indeed!